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Bachelor of Business in Business Management

Business Consulting & Executive Education

learn about Finance and Business

What you will Study


100% online study

The course aims to train managers capable of covering professional
positions and/or to assist managers and consultants. The course is suitable for those who want to work in managerial positions both in football clubs and other corporate

Year 01


Organizational dynamics and behaviour
Introduction to law
Introduction to business administration
Business management
Information management

Year 02


Monetary economics
Statistics and business statistics
International contract law
Corporate Finance
Banking and finance
Risk management

Year 03


Football economics
International financial management
Football organisation
Business law
Financial mathematics

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

Malcom X

Your future


The degree course in economics and financial management is designed to develop skills related to financial management in:
•performance of financial functions and processes;
•competitive advantage and financial controls;
•finding solutions and problem solving;
•monetary economics;
•management accounting;
•risk management and finance
•banking and finance

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

what is your success rate?

We experience a high success rate with little drop out numbers. This is because our courses are flexible and you work around your schedule..

Will there be written exams?

All modules are slightly different, but the majority do have end of module written exams. These can be taken in an exam centre near. you.

Ho many hours should I give per week?

Every student is different. However, if you are able to spare 2-3 hours per night you will be fine.

what can i expect in the degree?

The modules run over defined periods of time. For example some modules may have 20 lectures, some a bit less. You will be expected to join most of the live webinars and engage with your fellow students. We try to build a collaborative learning community , so no one feels isolated or left behind. There will be assignments in most modules and these assignments go toward your final mark.

can i contact you at anytime?

Off course. You will have a professor who run the module and tutors who are there to assist you in your studies.

What is academic honesty?

We have to maintain a very high standard in our degrees so that they can be valued by employers. With distance learning we have to maintain even higher standards. Any work that you submit will be checked through our plagiarism software to make sure it is original work.

Is online education as effective as face-to-face instruction?

Online education may seem relatively new, but years of research suggests it can be just as effective as traditional coursework, and often more so. According to a U.S. Department of Education analysis of more than 1,000 learning studies, online students tend to outperform classroom-based students across most disciplines and demographics. Another major review published the same year found that online students had the advantage 70 percent of the time, a gap authors projected would only widen as programs and technologies evolve.

While these reports list several plausible reasons students might learn more effectively online—that they have more control over their studies, or more opportunities for reflection—medium is only one of many factors that influence outcomes. Successful online students tend to be organized self-starters who can complete their work without reporting to a traditional classroom. Learning styles and preferences matter, too.

Who accredits the degree?

We are excited to be in academic partnership with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, to offer a range of bachelor and masters programmes delivered in our Belin Campus also validated by Uninettuno. Established in 2005, Uninettuno delivers (bachelor) degrees, specialisation degrees, research doctorates and university master’s degrees acknowledged throughout the world.

UNINETTUNO is a distance teaching university based on close cooperation with traditional universities from Europe, the Arab World, the United States and Asia. These alliances with higher-education institutions from across the world allow UNINETTUNO to supply a wider and more diverse educational offering, based on a scientific psychopedagogical model built on 20 years of research. Thanks to the use of new technologies and a faculty of prestigious professors from some of the world’s biggest universities, UNINETTUNO offers a unique university experience based on quality, flexibility and innovation

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