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Business Consulting & Executive Education

Capabilities development

An evaluation of your core competencies and how you can use them to develop or configure, your capabilities to build and success a competitive advantage in your market. In many cases, a firm does not know why they are successful in their own markets and how they are able to sustain their market leadership. Unless you know why you are being successful, it is unlikely you will stay as the market leader. We will help you identify those capabilities and help you build them into dynamic capabilities that can change rapidly with the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. Likewise, if you are continuously trailing your competitors, we can help you identify the reasons why and develop your own dynamic capabilities to catch up and overtake them.

Financial Health Checks

A health check for a company, big or small, is a critical element of any management structure. Our experienced consultants, who have themselves started their own companies, have seen all the early warning signs. Our health check service does not only look at the financials, but also your position in the marketplace, what your customers think if you, and most importantly, what is the state of the company’s culture through the eyes of the employees.

Strategic Planning

Strategy within the company can take many forms and is dependent on many different internal as well as external factors. Building a strong and sensible business strategy will greatly assist the forward planning as well as giving the workforce a sense of direction and confidence in the business managers.

Sourcing products

Two of our senior partners have extensive experience in contract manufacturing and sourcing products from Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Far East. We have help source suitable and trustworthy partners that will grow with you and partner you into the future. Our network of factories has a track record with us that go back many years and are proven to produce quality products and can be trusted with your IP.

Export market development

5G has extensive experience in setting up and developing an international export base for companies ranging from family companies to larger SMEs. Choosing the correct international distributors for your products is one of the most important steps you can take. If you do not choose wisely, you can set your business back many years. Worse still, a rival may beat you to the market.

Cost-benefit/Future-value analysis

It is not easy to decide where you should put your investments. It is not always clear when you are working inside your company to see the wood from the trees. Our consultants at 5G have extensive experience of re-investment in companies and what proved to be the best long terms investment strategy for you.

Non-executive directorship service

Depending on the company and if it matches the specific skill base of our consultants, we are always happy to look at every proposal.

SME Development

The managed growth and development of the SME is our specialist. Several of our consultants are successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of companies they have founded.




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